• 2019/08/15:

    Do you want to analyze your samples at some top European proteomics lab? Apply for the access within the EPIC-XS consortium. Second round of submissions closes on Sep 30, 2019.

  • 2019/03/27:

    We are part of another Horizon 2020 project EPIC-XS (reg. no 823839) focused on the cutting edge proteomic techniques. This project provides Trans-National Access and also focuses on the development of the techniques.

  • 2018/01/03:

    Our lab is a part of Horizon 2020 project EU FT-ICR MS (reg. no 731077). Through this project you can access our expertise as well as other participating FT-ICR labs. Check Trans-National Acess web section for more details. Also, various FT-ICR focused courses and schools are organized by the labs participating in the project.

  • 2017/12/20:

    Bachelor and master theses are available in the lab. Areas of structrual biology, cutting edge mass spectrometry and cell signalling are awaiting new students. Check the tab Teaching.


Laboratory is located in the BIOCEV center in Vestec. You can find us in labs J1.011-13, D2.004 and offices J1.006-008, D2.011.


  • Alan KÁDEK – Postdoctoral Fellow at Heinrich Pette Institute & European XFEL, Hamburg (PhD 2016)
  • Lucie WALLENFELS (Hernychová) – Scientific and Regulatory Specialist at PharmInvent/PrimeVigilance (PhD 2019)
  • Hynek MRÁZEK – Project manager at Pharmaceutical Research Associates (post-doc 2012-2014)
  • Daniel ROZBESKÝ – Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Oxford, Division of Structural Biology (PhD 2013)
  • David ADÁMEK – Medical Science Liaison at Roche (MSc 2012)
  • Martin ČONKA – Research Fellow at ExBio (MSc 2012)
  • Pavel HANČ – Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School (MSc 2011)
  • Jiří HAUSNER – Police of the Czech Republic (MSc 2014)
  • Kristýna KOTÝNKOVÁ – Postdoctoral Researcher at Boston University School of Medicine (MSc 2011)
  • Jan KUKLA – QC IS specialits at Ferring Léčiva a.s. (MSc 2014)
  • Kamila PELECHOVÁ (Bc 2019)
  • Jana ŘEHÁKOVÁ (Bc 2019)
  • Kristián SKÁLA - PhD at J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS (MSc 2017)
  • Jitka SMETANOVÁ - research fellow at the Motol University Hospital (MSc 2018)
  • Šárka SVOBODOVÁ (Bc 2018)
  • Kristýna ŠINTÁKOVÁ (Bc 2019)
  • František VOSTÁREK – Graduate student at Charles University (MSc 2012)
  • Eva ZÁKOUCKÁ – travelling around the world (MSc 2014)
  • Vyacheslav TRETYACHENKO – Graduate student at Charles University (Bc 2013)
  • Romana ZÁHUMENSKÁ – Graduate student at Jesseniova lekárska fakulta, Univerzita Komenského (MSc 2017)